Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aliens in the Attic

Hi my name is Wiiboy, I call my blog Blades of Fire because I think it's cool.

Today I saw the movie Aliens in the Attic and it was really good. It was really funny because the Aliens had a controller and a gun and they shoot a gun at the man and they used a controller to control him. And it looks really hard to control.

There's good news and bad news about it .

The good news is that if they shoot it at a kid or a teenager it doesn't work.

The bad news is if they shoot at an adult it works and they take control over the adults.

I'll tell you one of the funniest parts about it . The funniest part was that the teenager had a paint gun and he shot it at the other teenagers private parts, by accident! And he used frozen Peas to cool it down!

They also took control over the Nanny and made her do Kung Fu moves.

From: Wiiboy


  1. Great start to your blog Wiiboy (love the name by the way!) A fantastic review to the movie, I want to go see it now! Look forward to reading all your posts xxx

  2. great blog Wiiboy! I really want to see that movie now...especially to see an old lady doing karate chops!
    I love you description of yourself, by the way, that you look like your mum without the wrinkles! hee hee
    Well done!

  3. I liked that Granny and I liked her Kung Fu moves too. xx

  4. I hope you never need frozen peas to cool down your privates Wiiboy!

  5. great post wiiboy! I really must go to see this movie!

  6. great blog wii boy i have not seen the film but i really want to