Saturday, September 12, 2009

WiiBoy Goes Bionicle

I have a big collection of Bionicles and I really like them.

I even have my own Bionicle sword as you can see in the picture ... hee hee hee! I got it in Legoland in Denmark.

I have a Bionicle spaceship that I got from Santa Claus and it took a very long time to make. It's really cool.

This character used to be my favourite until I got my new one. He is a Fire Glatorian.

This is my new character called mata nui he is a Glatorian Legend

He's my favourite now and I also think he's very cool. I am having loads of fun with my new Bionicle .... heee hee hee!

I like making up Bionicles because it's fun and creative. My mum says I'm quick at making them.

There's a new movie coming out called Bionicle: The Legend Reborn and I am going to get it. I can't wait!

From: WiiBoy


  1. Wow great Bionicles Wiiboy! My son used to make them too and loved them. I'm sure when the movie comes out they will release lots of new ones and you can have great fun making them up.

  2. I love your Bionicle sword - that is SO cool. You look totally awesome in that first photo showing your sword and Bionicle collection. Just like Mata Nui, you look like a wise and honorable leader. Of course a *human* wise and honorable leader.

    I hope you do a review of the movie after you've watched it!

  3. wow your bionicles are really cool

    mandie and kyra